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I am sure you have looked at the world around you and wondered why it’s the way that it is. I am confident that we’ve all wondered exactly how and where we fit in? As Black Americans, we are often students of misinformation. Our true contributions and history have been suppressed to make room for false racial narratives-definitions which America has impressed upon us. To a degree, we’ve even internalized this narrative.


Screaming Blackness mirrors my journey amongst the confusion of lost loves and transcendent moments of clarity recognized only briefly. Black Americans face many struggles looking for answers to our questions. Through the poetic thoughts and pragmatic themes contained in this book, I offer no answers but insights and experiences and lots of wisdom. Through these words, I hope my journey for clarity and self-definition can resonate with elements of your spirit seeking to understand the nature of your life and the nature of Black life.


As you read, I hope that you will explore my thoughts and share your interpretations. My desire is that this book will create conversations and the exchange of insights that lead to deeper cultural thought and understanding. May it also serve as a lens through which the world outside of our community can better understand Black Americans. Culture is defined from within a people and ours will continue to evolve as our collective understanding grows from my heart to yours. This is…Screaming Blackness.

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I shared my vision to write this book with my son Ryan. I asked him what he thought about my idea for a book? Ryan replied:

“I believe your book will be of help to someone’s life one day.”

-Ryan May                                                                                               

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